Employment strategies

When applying for a job search visa in New Zealand, students often want to choose the simplest major for the easiest pathway.  A list of entrance and study requirements and main Universities is here for easy reference. At the time of searching for jobs, the course you studied can make a big difference with immigration policy.


Occupations in Demand

It is true, the easiest/fastest ways can provide a good advantage however it’s important to be aware that there will be much greater competition and harder to stand out when conducting a job search. This especially applies when qualifying for occupations in demand. These lists ensure you are specialised enough so there is no need to conduct a labour Market Check which may demonstrate New Zealanders can do the same work. It’s worth noting these are updated around every 6 months. Usually there is tough criteria which includes a both a high-level qualification and work experience required. Currently some of the occupations are ICT, medical, Chef, Engineering and Trades related.

Making your employment prospects easier 

We have a client who studied a more specific Bachelor degree and had a job placement even before graduation! He didn’t even need to do a job search. Why? Because he offered different skills and the type of work was more specialised and less general. Of course we helped him with his CV, market himself better and made sure he was ready but the fact that he offered something different put him way ahead of his friends both in work and visa opportunities, who were studying standard business qualifications and were searching for jobs months later. So it really does pay to take some time and do some research. Having the right study choice can help you stand out from the crowd and creates a positive strategy.