Resident visas

residence visa immigration

Here are the main options to obtain a resident visa or in New Zealand:

1. Skilled Migrant Category

It’s a common visa pathway when you have qualifications, work experience and a job offer in an area in demand in New Zealand. The key is to have a skilled job offer which is linked with both experience and qualifications. Currently the passmark for EOI selection is 160 points. There are also bonus points for finding work outside the Auckland region and being paid a salary level of over NZ$97,000.


2. Family Category

If you have a NZ partner, parent or adult child who lives in New Zealand as a citizen or permanent resident, getting PR through a Family stream visa may be the right option for you. With these visas, you must show your family partnership and evidence.

3. Business Category

New Zealand Business Visa categories help contribute to economic growth in New Zealand which attracts business owners, investors and entrepreneurs.

a. Entrepreneur Category

The Entrepreneur visa is made up of a 4 year work visa followed by a resident visa. These visas are suitable for people with business experience gained from running their own business or holding a senior management position. This temporary work visa is a pathway to residence. The Entrepreneur Resident visa are for those who have successfully established a business in New Zealand.

b. Investor Category

There are two types of Investment Visa. Investor 1 or Plus and Investor 2. There are a number of criteria to be met in each case.

The Investor 1/Plus has the greatest financial contribution to make; NZ$10m to be invested over three years with more relaxed conditions including no English requirements and no age restrictions.

The Investor 2 category requires NZ$3m (includes settlement funds) to be invested over four years, must be less than 65 years old, and his/her family have a minimum standard of English meeting a 3.0 IELTS score.

Health and character requirements must be met in all the above categories.