Work Visas

work visas in nz

Job Offers

When you want to work you need to have the right work visa Immigration NZ  require to be employed. This normally includes being suitably qualified or experienced, finding a willing employer who will sponsor them and to prove there is a lack of NZ’ers to undertake the job with evidence of advertising.

The next steps usually involve the employer to state if the applicant is the best candidate for the employer and why they are. This includes having the right qualifications, work experience or skill-set. The employer needs to complete a supplementary form with business information. Should the role fall into a lower skilled category, another requirement is providing a skills match report from Work and Income.

Its important the applicant is aware securing this documentation is relevant but also time consuming. Therefore plenty of time and employer assistance is needed.

Employment checklist 

  • You must have a full-time job offer and contract.
  • You must have the necessary skills and experience to work in your occupation, as listed in the Glossary for Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).
  • If it’s required to work in your occupation in New Zealand, you must have New Zealand registration.
  • If you have an offer of full-time work from an employer who first made genuine attempts to recruit New Zealanders for the job, you can apply for another Essential Skills Work Visa.
  • Application form and a supplementary INZ 1113 form from the employer

Depending on your occupation you can qualify from 1-3 years and take over a month to 6 weeks to process in busy periods.  Work visas are are important as they are the pre-cursor to a residence application. INZ want to see applicants who are relatively skilled who can contribute their skills to the workforce. With the help of an immigration adviser, we can ensure you have a strong chance of being successful with your visa.